We own and operate our own network

North America: Atlanta (2), Chicago (3), Dallas (2), Ashburn (2), Los Angeles (2), Miami, New York (2), Newark, Phoenix, San Jose (2), and Seattle

South America: Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo (2)

Europe: Amsterdam (2), Brussels, Frankfurt (2), London (2), Madrid, Paris, and Stockholm

Asia: Manila, Seoul, Singapore, and Tokyo

Oceania (Australia): Sydney

In Progress: Sterling, Milan, Hong Kong, Melbourne, Toronto, Warsaw

Introducing the RollingThunder Network

The backbone of the Highwinds CDN infrastructure, the RollingThunder network, was purpose-built in 2007 for a modern, high-change, media object hosting environment. The network includes points of presence (PoPs) in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Oceania (Australia), and offers massive capacity to the Internet. Each data center houses hundreds of delivery servers and is connected to the other facilities with multiple, dedicated 10GigE backbones. Each PoP houses solid state drives (SSDs) to guarantee the highest quality of service.



​​The most peers of any CDN

Ringed & Redundant

​​Lightning-fast and extremely reliable

DFS Server

Distributed file system


Global traffic management


Quality of service control mechanisms

Dynamic Demand Detection

Intelligent capacity management

Become a Peering Partner

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Monitoring & Support


Solid State Drive

100% Solid State Drives

We own and operate our own network, one of the largest in the world. By using 100% solid state drives and building the largest peering roster of any CDN on the planet, our performance is extraordinary.

Now you can access the huge capacity and global redundancy needed to run a global business.

Performance Edge Routers

Industry-Leading Capacity, Density, and Performance Edge Routers

We’ve partnered with the industry leader in network routing and switching to build out the most powerful CDN on the planet. We own our own network and operate it profitably so we’ve been able to invest in the most advanced, modern, high-end technology available today. By using top of the line edge routers we gain the advantages of highly scalable routing, switching, security, and service features that confer onto our clients a higher performing CDN. We’ve also invested in new high-density, scalable, future-proofed spine switches to further optimize our CDN for performance.