Every weekday during the month of October Highwinds will post a helpful CDN guide from our network operations center (NOC) team.

It’s NOCtoberfest! You’ll learn how to configure CDN settings and policies, understand the impact of new product releases, learn how to implement our APIs and much more.

Check back often during October for the latest tips and helpful suggestions. A total of 22 tips will be posted.

NOCtoberfest Tips

Tip 1.) October 1 – Utilize HTTPS for your CDN origin pull in just three easy steps. Here’s how…

Tip 2.) October 2 – How to automate your processes with the Highwinds APIs

Tip 3.) October 5 – How to view the details behind all of your content delivery

Tip 4.) October 6 – Managing your Highwinds Cloud Storage™ account from within StrikeTracker UI

Tip 5.) October 7 – Creating a new host in StrikeTracker is simple, just use our new host wizard

Tip. 6.) October 8 – StrikeTracker’s traffic analyzer is a great tool for understanding your CDN traffic

Tip 7.) October 9 – How to set up HTTPS origin pull 

Tip 8.) October 12 – Learn how to configure your content protection policies

Tip 9.) October 13 – Understanding completion ratio when using a CDN

Tip 10.) October 14 – Understanding the cache miss ratio

Tip 11.) October 15 – Static vs. dynamic playlists: What are they & what do they mean for your EveryStream account?

Tip 12.) October 16 – StrikeTracker is capable of delivering raw logs so CDN customers can see analytics at a granular level

Tip 13.) October 19 – How to protect your content

Tip 14.) October 20 – Our CDN user guide covers all aspects, including StrikeTracker & how to use it to manage & monitor your service

Tip 15.) October 21 – Check the release notes section of our support portal to see all of the latest product enhancements

Tip 16.) October 22 – Viewing reports by account and reports by host in StrikeTracker

Tip 17.) October 23 – Utilizing Script Engine for your content delivery

Tip 18.) October 26 – 5 reasons you’ll love using the new StrikeTracker

Tip 19.) October 27 – Learn how your CDN can help turn IP Addresses into actionable customer data

Tip 20.) October 28 – Understanding hosts and scope

Tip 21.) October 29 – What is an origin server and why is it critical to content delivery?

Tip 22.) October 30 – A closer look at dynamic content caching


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