StrikeTracker Version 1.5 provides real-time analytics, self-service live event provisioning, policy-based content access protection, and more

STREAMING MEDIA EAST, NEW YORK CITY – May 20, 2008Highwinds Network Group, Inc., a multi-platform IP services and content distribution provider, today announced significant enhancements to its StrikeTracker™ dashboard for the company’s content delivery network (CDN). The new StrikeTracker Version 1.5 content management and reporting console provides a wide range of advanced capabilities — including real-time analytics, self-service live event provisioning, policy-based content access protection, and other important features not available with most other CDN offerings. Attendees at Streaming Media East are invited to explore the innovative new features of StrikeTracker 1.5 at Highwinds’ exhibit — Booth 226.

“With StrikeTracker 1.5, we have implemented an unmatched feature set for content management, reporting, and account management that further differentiates Highwinds as the preferred CDN for the service provider channel,” said Highwinds CTO Josh Gagliardi. Gagliardi added that StrikeTracker 1.5, which takes full advantage of the latest Adobe Flex technology, “also provides graphical richness and ease of use that is second to none when compared to other CDN dashboard offerings.”

Real-Time Analytics for Fast, Actionable Data

The enhanced analytics package in StrikeTracker 1.5 provides byte-accurate reporting delivered from the edge within 30 seconds of delivery. Multiple dashboard views group related pieces of information at various levels of detail. When supported with real-time analytics, these views allow companies to make decisions that affect their online content monetization strategies on a minute-by-minute basis, throughout a campaign, without having to wait hours or days for actionable data.

Self-service Live Event Provisioning
Live streaming events can now be provisioned through StrikeTracker without the necessity of contacting Highwinds. Using StrikeTracker’s point-and-click interface, event publishing points can be configured on the fly and are ready to begin streaming immediately.

Policy-Based Content Access Simplifies Security Management, Maximizes Control
The ability to control content access based on protection policies is now available. Through the StrikeTracker interface, users can set content protection policies on a per-folder basis. These policies are inherited down through the content hierarchy, allowing for ease of security management and maximum control. Support for multiple protection schemes is available, including signed URLs, referrer restrictions, HTTP basic authentication, and geo-blocking.

Raw Logs Provide More Detailed Information for Analysis
StrikeTracker 1.5 provides the ability to download “raw” logs — the line-by-line activity of a server — filtered on a per-customer basis. These logs are formatted according to industry standards, and can be processed by a variety of commercial specialty log analysis tools. Built on top of the same technology that supports the real-time reporting features in StrikeTracker, the delivery of raw log data is delayed by no longer than 15 minutes.

Virtual Host Configuration
Virtual Host Configuration is important to channel partners interested in “private labeling” the Highwinds CDN. It enables them to apply their own name, logo and other branding elements to the StrikeTracker dashboard, creating the appearance that the CDN is their own, not Highwinds’.

“Taken together, the new features in StrikeTracker 1.5 spell a new level of ease of use, control and flexibility for Highwinds channel partners and their customers,” said Highwinds CTO Josh Gagliardi.

About Highwinds Network Group, Inc.
Highwinds has been a leader in the development of content replication and delivery software and services since 2002. This experience has led to a number of technology innovations in network management, distributed file system technology and advanced content routing methods. The Highwinds CDN leverages best-in-class hardware and software to quickly and successfully move content at a global level. The company’s high-performance RollingThunder™ network and user-friendly StrikeTracker™ content management and reporting dashboard enable clients to deploy and manage content, file downloads and streaming media. Highwinds is headquartered in Winter Park, Fla., and maintains data centers in 13 North American and European cities. For more information, please visit


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