Highwinds has again received three streaming award nominations for the annual Streaming Media Readers’ Choice Awards.
2016 Streaming Media Readers' Choice Awards
Voting is now open and will remain open until September 26.

Highwinds has been nominated in the following categories:

The top-three finalists in each of the 33 categories will be announced in mid-October, the winners revealed at Streaming Media West.

Highwinds has also been nominated in four categories for the Streaming Media European Readers’ Choice Awards.
Streaming Media European Readers' Choice Awards
The categories are:

Voting will be open until October 3.

The finalists (three top vote-getters) will be determined October 5, and the winners will be announced in the Winter issue of the European version of Streaming Media magazine.

About Highwinds CDN
The Highwinds Content Delivery Network is one of the largest CDNs on the planet and features additional products and services built to address your specific needs. We offer massive scale, a cool console, and a ton of advanced features so you can deliver instant gratification to your customers.

Highwinds Network Map


Our CDN was built to meet the delivery needs of even the largest media and entertainment companies.

From streaming video, to advertising creatives to the latest and most popular video games, the Highwinds content delivery network leverages cutting-edge infrastructure to deliver content across the globe, optimizing for latency and throughput.

About Highwinds EveryStream
Better than a traditional online video platform, EveryStream is an advanced media tool chain for the preparation and delivery of video to every device.



We’ve made preparing video for online distribution easy. Simply upload a single mezzanine asset and we’ll create renditions optimized for every device and network condition. Also, use our intuitive user interface to tag videos with metadata, create playlists, view analytics, and much more.

About Highwinds StrikeTracker
StrikeTracker is Highwinds’ award-winning CDN portal. It offers a single, integrated front-end portal for managing all Highwinds services, including CDN, Cloud Storage, EveryStream, and numerous configuration and security options. The speed of operations is impressive, and the analytics available provide tremendous value to the operations and marketing teams that crave actionable data.



People love the StrikeTracker console because it’s easy to use, has customizable reporting and analytics, and every action happens instantly. You have total command and control of your content, origins, accounts, and more. The new responsive design means you can access it on the go via mobile devices and tablets.

Learn more by downloading our StrikeTracker datasheet.