Dear Customers, Colleagues and Friends of Highwinds:

Steve MillerTen years – wow! In many ways, it seems like only yesterday that a handful of us set out with a dream of building a global multi-platform IP services powerhouse. How far we’ve come in making that dream a reality! I am proud of the talented and spirited people here who have had a hand in making it happen, and I am blessed by the amazing customers, partners, investors and other stakeholders who have played a vital role in our success.

While the past decade has seemingly flown by for me, at the same time, a decade feels like an eternity in this industry, particularly when you consider its constant state of motion and the growth and evolution we’ve experienced over the years. I can now only scarcely recall what it was like in July 2002 when we were just getting started – before the smartphone frenzy and the social media revolution, when the online gaming industry was in its infancy, when ‘watching the news’ could only mean that you were sitting in front of the television.

It’s exciting to so clearly see now that Highwinds was founded on the very precipice of one of the biggest cultural shifts of our lifetime, driven by the demand for content at any time on every device in all corners of the world. It’s amazing to know that we’ve not only been a part of this revolution, but also to know that we’ve contributed to shaping it while helping so many of our customers navigate through it.

Highwinds Est. 2002Fast-forward ten years. Today, we find ourselves in the upper echelon of global CDNs, a position we’ve earned through hard work, talent, imagination – and a fair amount of blood, sweat and tears. Yet, over the years, we’ve pushed ourselves to be more than just another CDN. We’ve invested our time and resources into owning and operating the world’s fastest CDN, one that’s profitable, stands the test of time and rises to the occasion for any challenge thrown at it. We’ve also differentiated ourselves by tapping into our software development pedigree to build a content delivery, network and IP services software stack and solutions portfolio equal to none – one that’s rooted in delivering value to customers. Along the way, we’ve continually broken the barriers of possibilities with tools like real-time analytics, multi-platform load balancing, high-definition streaming, online game delivery and more. I continue to be amazed by our achievements, stemming from both our technical expertise and our service commitments.

To my teammates, thank you! Your ability to innovate and to make the seemingly impossible possible, the purity of your dedication to customer service, and your perpetual enthusiasm and entrepreneurial spirit have not only sustained us over the years but also make it a joy to walk through the door every day. A special thanks to Scott Munger and Mark Daniels who have been here since day one.

To our customers, thank you! We are blessed to count among our customer base the multi-billion dollar enterprises that are shaping the industry, the small startups that are shaking it up, and a myriad of others – without you, our efforts would be futile. We are pleased to be able to help you build and grow your connections with customers, and honored that you have chosen our backbone and solutions to support your business growth.

To our partners, thank you! It’s always been comforting to know that there are other companies out there that mirror our commitments to technical innovation and customer care, and we are pleased to have built long-lasting and mutually successful partnerships with you. Whether you’re a technology, ecosystem, channel or peering partner, your role in supporting us and shaping us into who we are today has truly been invaluable.

To our investors, thank you! Much of our growth and evolution has been supported by your belief in our ability to deliver on our promises. With your support we’ve been able to close five acquisitions, expand our network footprint onto four continents, create new solutions, hire more world-class talent and sustain our profitability. I’m glad we’re gaining value together.

I’m proud of everything we’ve achieved during our first decade and for the passion, integrity and innovation we’re known for today. At the same time, I believe we are at the early stages of our growth opportunity – and I’m excited for what’s to come in the next decade as we continue to capitalize on one of the fastest growing markets in generations.

Steve Miller
Founder and CEO