Highwinds and AMS-IX Complete Major Port Capacity Upgrade
New Single 80G Connection Supports the Rapid Growth of the Highwinds CDN and Delivers Unmatched Capacity to AMS-IX and Highwinds Peering Communities

WINTER PARK, Fla. – July 29, 2008Highwinds Network Group, Inc., a multi-platform IP services and content distribution provider, today announced that it has completed a significant port upgrade on the Amsterdam Peering Exchange (AMS-IX), one of the world’s largest and fastest growing Internet exchanges. Highwinds’ upgrade to a single 80G connection in Amsterdam, the largest of its kind within AMS-IX, is aimed at supporting the rapid growth of the Highwinds CDN and reinforces Highwinds’ commitment to the global peering community.

Highwinds’ RollingThunder™ network, which serves as the backbone of the Highwinds CDN, peers with over 700 networks and 14,000 ASNs worldwide, and at any given time about 80 percent of Highwinds traffic in North America and 90 percent of traffic in Europe is peered. Part of this peering infrastructure is driven by Highwinds’ membership in AMS-IX, which has nearly 300 connected parties coming in from all over the world. The highly efficient peering approach enables Highwinds to deliver the traffic directly to the end user while maintaining direct control over Quality of Service (QoS) for its customers and resellers.

“Highwinds is a special case within the AMS-IX membership. Like ourselves, they push technology to the limit and are open to innovative, bleeding-edge solutions. We often test new hardware and software releases at the same time or even jointly from the different perspectives of platform operator and connected network, which is facilitating tremendously in discovering risky bugs and problems,” said Henk Steenman, CTO of AMS-IX.

Through a mutual philosophy of performance accountability, Highwinds and AMS-IX are able to increase control of Internet content through peered connections with direct end user networks. This upgrade not only drives savings to both sides of the networks, but ultimately results in improving end users’ Internet experiences. The Highwinds CDN offers important advantages in data center peering and caters to a growing number of businesses finding value in peering. Cost-competitive corporate peering relationships, like those provided through AMS-IX membership, enable Highwinds to put content and rich media directly on the customer’s network, improving performance and redundancy while saving on bandwidth usage.

“When we launched our CDN, we set out on a mission to quickly set the pace in the industry for network speed and reliability, coupled with unprecedented value-added tools like real-time analytics,” said Josh Gagliardi, CTO of Highwinds. “We are pleased to be working with AMS-IX to continue to lead the pack in technological capabilities, as AMS-IX shares our commitment to pushing the envelope to improve network capacity, enhance customer experiences and deliver cost savings. No other provider has the capacity that we’ve rolled out with AMS-IX.”

Both organizations are also actively involved in setting new standards for next-generation networks, such as the development of 100GE Ethernet, which will provide the industry with a significant and much-needed technology push.

About AMS-IX

AMS-IX (Amsterdam Internet Exchange) is a neutral and independent Internet exchange providing services since the early 1990s. AMS-IX is one of the largest Internet hubs worldwide. Close to 300 Internet-related parties come together in Amsterdam from all over the world to exchange Internet traffic amongst them. The AMS-IX platform provides professional, high-quality, non-blocking peering services for Internet traffic with a diverse profile, be it regular IP data such as e-mail but also video/television, as well as voice. AMS-IX additionally hosts the first mobile peering points worldwide, the Global GPRS Roaming Exchange (GRX) and the Mobile Data Exchange (MDX). (www.ams-ix.net)

About Highwinds Network Group, Inc.

Highwinds is a leader in multi-platform IP services, file replication, and content delivery software and services. Since 2002, Highwinds has provided for the advancement of a variety of technologies – including messaging bus architecture, network management, distributed file systems and content routing methods. The Highwinds CDN leverages the company’s high-performance RollingThunder™ network and user-friendly StrikeTracker™ media manager and reporting dashboard to globally deliver content, videos, live events and other media. It sets the pace among content delivery networks by offering advantages in data center peering, real-time analytics, instant account provisioning, complete content control and massive scalability. Highwinds is headquartered in Winter Park, Fla., and maintains 23 data centers throughout North America and Europe. For more information, please visit www.highwinds.com.



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