-Viewers Can Now Watch the Best Original Web Series Anytime, Anywhere

New York, NY – January 3, 2013 – Digital media company Blip launches new apps today that let viewers watch their favorite Blip series everywhere. Blip is redefining the online video landscape by offering viewers access to quality content wherever they are, whenever they want it with the launch of new apps for iOS and Android devices, as well as Blip apps featured on Xbox and Amazon Kindle.

With the introduction of Blip apps for iOS, Android, Xbox, and Kindle, viewers can now easily discover and watch the newest and very best of Blip’s deep library with exclusive shows such as The Gauntlet and A Simple Walk Into Mordor from Rooster Teeth, comedy sketches from JulianSmithTV, and Chug, Plug and Review from Blip Studios. All Blip mobile apps are free and work on all leading smartphones and tablets that stream media. Blip on Xbox is free for Xbox Live Gold subscribers.

Blip is the best place for consumers to discover and watch web originals and is the best platform for premium creators to gain wide distribution and monetization. You can get your Blip fix anywhere on the web, on your phone or tablet, and in your living room. If that’s not enough, you can also catch Blip series on iTunes, Yahoo!Screen, AOL, Facebook, Twitter, Roku, TiVo and Sony TVs, as well as on Blip’s dedicated YouTube Channel, The League of Supercritics.

“Blip’s team has been working tremendously hard this year to deliver a world-class experience to showcase the quality of our exclusive web series,” said Blip CEO Kelly Day. “With this rollout, Blip delivers what audiences want to watch wherever and whenever they want to watch it. This is just the beginning. This year we plan to expand Blip’s reach even further with a fully redesigned website at Blip.com, an enhanced Blip player, more exclusive content, broader distribution, and more investment in our apps, to make it even easier to find, watch and share the best in original web series.”

To deliver a seamless customer experience, Blip worked with L4 Mobile to develop its new apps for iOS, Android and Kindle for smartphones and tablets, and content delivery and network services provider Highwinds to determine the most effective protocol for maximizing the availability of Blip’s content across multiple platforms. All of the new Blip products are available in the U.S., Canada and the UK and offer integrated advertising opportunities for the entire Blip network.

Blip is the place to discover, watch and share original web series online. Blip develops, produces and distributes original quality content at Blip.com and in syndication across the web. Since launching in 2005, Blip has evolved into the largest independently owned and operated digital video platform in the world and attracts hundreds of millions of views per month.