We work hard to ensure that we deliver the very best technology to our customers each and every day. That includes listening to your feedback on what’s good and what we need to add to improve your experience even more.

New StrikeTracker

Recently, we launched our new StrikeTracker console with more functionality and scalability than ever before. We’re excited for you to take a look and get started using it today.

Here are five areas you should look at right now!

1.) Responsive
StrikeTracker has been designed from the ground up to excel on all of the devices you use. With layouts engineered to scale and leverage screen sizes from smartphones to status monitors, our new UI fulfills the needs of a diverse range of use cases.

Need to purge a file but can’t get to your desk? Pull up StrikeTracker on your iPhone from the middle of your meeting. Or pass traffic analyzer results around on your Surface tablet! Everything renders beautifully on any modern device.

New StrikeTracker Overview 2.) Intuitive
The new StrikeTracker incorporates the best practices and interaction patterns that exemplify a modern user experience. It is thoroughly scrutinized and tested for usability across levels of familiarity and technical expertise. It is the easiest to learn, master and demonstrate control center we’ve created yet.

Whether your goal is a config change, content purge or analytics report, we’ve simplified the process, improved the workflow and reduced actions required to get there.

3.) API Driven
One of the first things we acknowledged when remodeling StrikeTracker was that our customers demand API parity within the web interface. We know that the only way to consistently provide that parity is to build the entire UI on top of our own publicly-available API layer.
StrikeTracker APIs
To achieve that goal, we’ve exposed an unprecedented level of control to our JSON-formatted, consistent, RESTful programming interfaces and constructed the full site with those interfaces. Every graph, configuration and user is driven by the underlying APIs.

If you want to white-label our portal, automate workflows or mashup StrikeTracker analytics data with your other systems, we’ve given you the power to do all that and more.

4.) Self Documenting
One of the effects of using the API as the basis for all functionality within StrikeTracker is that it means all new functionality has to conform to the well-structured system which includes regular interfaces and functionality descriptions.

Anything we add will be automatically surfaced and described from within the site. In addition, we now maintain an interactive API test bed capability to aid rapid comprehension of new features.

Traffic Analyzer 5.) Customer Motivated
Most of all, StrikeTracker is the result of our customers’ feedback. We’ve heard you and constructed a system that addresses your needs in addition to providing the framework to continue a virtuous cycle of quickly incorporating your future requirements.

The new StrikeTracker is powerful, fast, flexible and comprehensive to meet the needs of the full spectrum of CDN users.

Of course, we wouldn’t just give you a great, new StrikeTracker product without updating and totally revamping our customer support portal to help you with everything you need. From APIs, to reports, to configurations (and much more), we’ve got you covered.

Bradley Andrews

By Bradley Andrews, Product Director

Be sure to let me know if you have any questions or suggestions. We appreciate the feedback, your business and your interest in Highwinds.